Friday, November 03, 2006

[olympiaworkers] New OWA Website, no more Joe W. A.

Hey everyone, I made a new website for the OWA. I moved the news blog to
the front page. It needs a new graphic at the top if anyone is interested
in designing one. This new site will automatically publish the
announcements from this email list.

Now the website is a resource for working people and a good place to go
for labor news. If you would like to help expand the site to include more
resources, please email for details. If a few
people want a tutorial on how to change things on the site, I'll be
willing to explain what I know.

I'm no longer going to be involved with the OWA since I no longer live in
Olympia. I plan on writing about the Pizza Time Strike and my experiences
trying to create a grassroots labor movement in Oly. Other than that, the
OWA is now completely autonomous of me and my ideas, and it is in all of
your hands to make a solid resource for workers. There are a lot of
sympathetic people in Olympia and a lot of potential for workers to
self-organize. Good luck.

If any of you don't know who Brendan is, he is active with the OWA and
IWW. He has lots of energy for community organizing and would be a great
person to get in touch with if you would like to do more for local workers
rights. He can be reached by contacting the OWA.

So long, take care, keep struggling


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