Sunday, November 12, 2006

[olympiaworkers] Bay Area Movie Threater Workers ask for Solidarity

Fellow Workers,

We in the Bay Area are asking for your help in our ongoing campaign
at the Landmark Theatres in Berkeley.
Specifically, we are asking you do to a day of action on November
17th-19th at one of the Landmark Theatres were you live.
This does not have to be a huge 3 day action; but at least a two-hour
evening time slot; were we have people leafletting out in front of a
We have a flyer that is ready to be used and we can get that you
Friday evening is a good target because of possible new releases.
Saturday at 6pm is considered to be a high-point in attendance, and a
good target. Targeting should be done around movie start times.
We need to give Landmark a kick in the ass during negotiations, and
we need your support to do so.
Please let me know how involved you can be. And send a report on the
activities that do happen.
in solidarity,
Harjit Singh Gill
Bay Area IWW

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