Wednesday, April 29, 2009

[olympiaworkers] Bus Worker Wildcats Spread Across Dublin North Apr 28 2009

The wildcat strike action taken by Dublin Bus drivers has spread to four
new garages as the dispute enters its third day.

The dispute began on Sunday after a driver at the Harristown depot was
suspended when he refused to work a new schedule.

The 450 staff at the Harristown depot stopped work in solidarity with the
driver before the dispute spread to the Clontarf depot.

At present just two depots are operating (based in South Dublin) with
almost all of the North Dublin routes brought to a total standstill.

Dublin Bus recently developed a "Cost Effectiveness Plan" to address their
€31 million projected loss for 2009, which included plans to reduce their
fleet by 120 buses as well as letting hundreds of workers go.

Unions agreed to the cuts at the Labour Court earlier this month and have
distanced themselves from the action.

The companys says it will only enter talks with drivers if they return to
work and operate the new schedules.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

[olympiaworkers] Oh Sit down!

Accounts of sitdown strikes and workplace occupations in the UK and around
the world

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Monday, April 06, 2009

[olympiaworkers] Support the Ford Visteon workers' occupation April 5

Leaflet of workers occupying the Ford Visteon factory in Enfield, north
London. A ready-to-print copy is attached at the bottom.

We have occupied our factory Ford Visteon workers have occupied our
factory since Wednesday 1st April. The previous day in a meeting lasting
just 6 minutes we were told that the European company, with plants in
Belfast, Basildon and Ponders End, Enfield, was going into administration
and that we were to leave - without our wages being paid. Personal
possessions could be collected the next day, but at 10 o'clock the factory
was locked closed. Workers had already occupied the Belfast factory.

We demand what is due to us The 200 workers who are part of the Ford
subsidiary want the same conditions they have always had via "mirror
contracts" with the parent company. Up to now they don't know when they
will get wages due, and their pensions are to be controlled by the
government Pensions Protection Fund. This means a maximum of £9,000
payout, and much reduced conditions! Some of the women and men have 40 yrs

The whole situation has been created for news management - announce it
during the G20 and it will get buried in the media. And this is largely
what's happened. The move is to save Visteon USA money at our expense.

But unexpectedly Unite union members have taken determined action that
bosses thought they had eliminated years ago.

The workers want their existing terms respected. Ford Visteon can't be
allowed to avoid their responsibility. So far they have tried legal
intimidation but have even managed to mess this up.

As well as proper redundancy payments, some are suggesting that the skills
of the workers who can make anything in plastic, should be used to make
increasingly needed parts for green products - bike and trailer parts,
solar panels, turbines, etc. Government investment in this rather than
throwing money at bankers could be profitable & save jobs in the long

All support welcome Ford Visteon workers have been pleased at the support
received from other Ford plants as well, such as Southampton, who are
blacking Visteon products. 100s attended our rally on Saturday..

Please come to the factory at any time (especially 12 noon) to show us
your support. Get your Union branch or organisation to pass a resolution
in support. Help raise money by doing workplace and community collections,
and drop in...

Messages of support to those inside: visteonoccupation [AT]

This is a fight we can win. We're off our knees and fighting fit!