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[olympiaworkers] Pizza Time Strike Archive


On Feb 12th, 2005 all Olympia Pizza Time Employees stopped working under
unfair conditions. Once it was clear the new owner would not meet the
worker's demands they formed a picketline at the corner of 4th ave. and
Jefferson. The striking workers needed to get their message out to the
Olympia community and get support to win the strike. The following
communiques came from the Pizza Time strikers campaign that shut Olympia
Pizza Time down in 8 days.

Pizza Time Workers May go on Strike at 5pm Feb 12, 2005

please distribute widely amd join Pizza Time workers on the picketline

Pizza Time Workers May Go On Strike

Where: Pizza Time 112 jefferson st.
When: 5pm Sat Feb 12, 2005
Why: To improve working conditions

At 5pm Saturday, Pizza Time workers will present Shane Bloking, the new owner
of the Olympia Pizza Time franchise, a list of demands. If Shane Bloking
Fails to agree to these demands in writing, Pizza Time workers will be forced
to go on strike until all demands are met.

The Demands:

1) Abara and John rehired. Jeff Bloking (the owners brother) has to go.
2) no more workers are fired without just cause and without warning
3) No more use of racial slurs
4) A friendly, clean and safe work environment
5) standardized breaks
6) Respect our rights to unionize

Work conditions have deteriorated at Pizza Time to the point that we can no
long satisfy our customers. The bubble pizzas, missed items, wrong orders and
other mishaps are directly due to Shane and Jeff Bloking's mismanagement
and lack of
experience. As workers, we can not feel any pride for our jobs when we are
selling burned or
undercooked pizzas with giant bubbles. We want our customers to be happy. We
regret any inconvenience to our customers. Luckily there is a wide variety of
other pizza places to choose from.

We invite the Olympia Community to come together and support Pizza Time

Pizza Time Workers on Strike Picket at 12 noon Sun, 13 Feb 2005

picketline 12 noon at 4th Ave. and Jefferson

Pizza Time workers presented a list of demands to Shane Bloking, the new
owner of the Olympia Pizza Time at Old Town, after a week of mismanagement,
bad judgment and the firing of two competent employees. Shane Bloking
deteriorated product quality, employee morale and refused to agree to the
workers demands presented to him on saturday the night of February 12, 2005.
Olympia Pizza Time workers were forced to go on strike to get all demands
The Demands are:

1) Abara and John rehired. Jeff Bloking (the owner's brother) has to go.
2) No workers are fired without just cause and without warning
3) No more use of racial slurs
4) A friendly, clean and safe work environment
5) Standardized breaks
6) Respect our rights to unionize

Pizza Time workers walked out and hoisted "Pizza Crime" signs and declared
they are on strike. Pizza Time workers were joined by more than 30 community
members who all walked the picket line on 4th and Jefferson. We would like
to personally thank all those who supported us and shared with us hot cocoa
and cider, and slices of Old School Pizza. Striking Pizza Time workers were
also greeted on the picket line with cheers and honks from people in cars,
people enjoying the rock show at the Manium, window shoppers, and Olympia's
Police officers and firefighters.
Pizza Time workers and community supporters will meet Sunday Feb. 13th at 12
noon on the corner of 4th Ave. ave and Jefferson (by the railroad tracks)
We invite the Olympia Community to come together and support local workers.
Once again, we the striking workers of Pizza Time at Old Town apologize for
Shane Bloking's mismanagement. We regret any inconvenience to our customers.
Luckily there is still a wide variety of other pizza places to choose from.

Pizza Time Strike Continues Into Day Three Mon, 14 Feb 2005

Come join the picket line at 12 noon at 4th Ave. and Jefferson St. on Monday

Pizza Time workers and community supporters kept the pressure on Pizza Time
owner Shane Bloking for nine straight hours on Sunday. Through hail, rain,
sunshine and strong winds, Pizza Time workers stood their ground defending
their rights as workers.

Pizza Time workers, once again, were greeted with overwhelming support from
all facets of the Olympia Community. City Councilman Joe Hire, speaking on
behalf of the Olympia City Council, commended the workers for their actions
on the picket line. With reasoned arguments against buying food from pizza
time, many customers respected the strike and chose to take their business to
more worker-friendly establishments.

The unbelievable show of community support is what is really making this
The workers are grateful, for the warmth and compassion extended to them by
the people of Olympia.

Pizza Time Strike; Day Four Wed, 16 Feb 2005

Pizza Time workers remain in high spirits on Tuesday and are stronger than
ever. Community support for the strike continues to grow. Pizza Time workers
feel they are winning and Pizza Time owners Shane Bloking and Richard Kelley
are running out of tactics to distort this campaign. The workers feel their
reasonable demands will be met soon.

Pizza Time workers look forward to negotiating with Shane Bloking, Richard
Kelley and Judi Kelley on Thursday when the Kelleys get back from their
vacation home in Mexico. Pizza Time workers will walk the picket line at 4th
Ave. and Jefferson until then.

For more information please come to the picket line and talk to the workers
or visit www.mediaisland.org

Day Five, Call Pizza Time Corporate President Wed, 16 Feb 2005

Please give comments to Pizza Time Corporate President John Vose toll-free at

Pizza Time Corporate President John Vose has a lot invested in the name
"Pizza Time." The Olympia store is the only franchise in the whole Pizza Time
chain. Pizza Time Corporate President John Vose has a vested interest in
maintaining good public relations with the communities Pizza Time stores
operate in. Pizza Time workers think John Vose should hear comments about the
Olympia store and how Shane Bloking and Richard Kelley are treating local
workers unfairly.

Olympia Pizza Time workers urge community members to call John Vose at
1-800-798-1996 or fill out the "feedback" form at www.pizzatime.com.

Please print out our "We Support Pizza Time Workers on Strike" flyer and
place it in your workspaces, store windows, car windows, house windows, etc.
Download the flyer by following this link.

Pizza Time workers thank everyone for their participation in this stand for
workers rights and justice. Let John Vose know how you feel.

Day Six, Pizza Time Workers Prepare For Negotiations Thu, 17 Feb 2005

The Olympia community's support continues to inspire Pizza Time workers into
Day Six. None of this would be possible without the overwhelming support,
love and generosity the Olympia community gives striking Pizza Time workers.
Pizza Time workers are ready to support others in our community who struggle
for basic rights and an end to workplace discrimination of all kinds.

The workers want to return to their jobs and their livelihood, and are
confident going into negotiations with Shane Bloking and majority owner
Richard Kelley. Richard Kelley is expected to return from his vacation home
in Mexico sometime today. Pizza Time workers invite the community at large
to join the picket line on this important day.

Pizza Time Workers ask the communityat large to lay on their horns, join the
picket line and continue to express the community togetherness that makes
Olympia a wonderful place to work and live.

Pizza time workers urge everyone who is concerned with this matter to call
the Pizza Time corporate office and contact Pizza Time President John Vose at
1-800-798-1996 or fill out the "feedback" form at http://www.pizzatime.com. ;
Please tell John Vose that Olympia Pizza Time workers want to improve working
conditions and that Olympia Pizza Time owners are unfair to their workers and
customers. Pizza Time workers also invite people to display the "We Support
Pizza Time Workers on Strike" flyer in their car, storefront and home
windows. Download and print the flyer at

http://portland.indymedia.org/media/media/2005/02/310829.pdf ;

Pizza Time workers are ready to negotiate and will picket on the corner of
4th Ave and Jefferson until Shane Bloking and Richard Kelley come to the

Day Seven, Pizza Time Workers Continue Negotiations Fri, 18 Feb 2005

Pizza Time workers head into their seventh day on the picket line confidant
that negotiations will go as well as yesterday. Olympia Pizza Time workers
are negotiating directly with the owners. Pizza Time workers anticipate being
back to work soon with all demands met. Please stand with us during this
important round of negotiations.

Pizza Time workers invite everyone down to the corner of 4th Ave. and
Jefferson today to improve work conditions and end workplace discrimination.

Pizza Time Negotiations Continue Into Day Eight Sat, 19 Feb 2005

Olympia Pizza Time Negotiations Go Favorably For Workers' Rights.

Olympia Pizza Time owners Shane Bloking and Richard Kelly are feeling
community pressure from all angles. Richard Kelley's mother woke him up at
6:00 in the morning to express her concerns about the Pizza Time strike.
Shane Bloking wants most of his money back from Richard Kelley for him to

The Olympia Pizza Time owners' last attempts to water down the workers'
demands reveal they are running out of ideas to break the striking pizza
workers' moral. Pizza Time workers remain 100% positive and are inspired by
the growing community support.

The ultimate threat of closing Pizza Time was repeated by Richard Kelley
during negotiations on Friday. Although Richard Kelley only admitted he
"could" or "should" close Olympia Pizza Time and lock nine local workers out
of their jobs in downtown Olympia, he remains open to negotiations with the
striking workers. Richard Kelley feels the workers' strike has caused so
much damage to the Pizza Time name that no one would ever buy a pizza from
Olympia Pizza Time again.

Pizza Time workers are confident business will increase if all the workers'
reasonable demands are met in writing and are given time to inform the
Olympia community that Pizza Time workers are back to work, the building is
actively being repaired and Shane Bloking is not given the chance to utter
another racial slur or arbitrarily fire another worker in Olympia again. The
Pizza Time workers' demands remain the same although a lot has changed in
seven days on strike for better work conditions.

Pizza Time workers continue urging community support of all kinds. Every car
horn, wave and community member on the picket line means the world to local
Pizza Time workers. The Olympia community inspires Pizza Time workers to
continue this struggle for workers' rights and justice.

Please visit http://www.mediaisland.org or email
pizzatimeworkers@riseup.net ;

Pizza Time workers suspend picket line while Pizza Time is closed. Mon, 21
Feb 2005

Pizza Time owners greeted workers Saturday with a "Sorry, Closed for Repairs"
sign on the business entrance in place of the orange and black sign reading
"Help Wanted." Pizza Time workers see this as a positive step in the
negotiation process. Pizza Time workers will suspend picketing while Pizza
Time is closed and discussions continue. Support from the community keeps
Pizza Time workers strong in the coming days as the dialogue between workers
and ownership develops.

For more information visit http://www.mediaisland.org or email ;
please forward

Striking Pizza Time Workers Throw Pizza Party Sat, 26 Feb 2005

Saturday, Feb. 26th at 908 E. 4th Ave (across from the Time gas station)

Featuring Hand-Made 14" Pizzas

Call 790-0097 or 402-5323 to place an order for delivery or carry-out, or
dine-in at 908 E. 4th Ave.

Suggested Donations:
$1 per slice
$8 per pie (carry-out or dine-in)
$10 per pie (delivery)

All proceeds go to the Pizza Time workers strike fund.

Sauces: Marinara and Pesto

Toppings Include: Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, Italian Sausage, Grilled
Chicken, Mushrooms, Onions, Olives, Pineapple, Green Peppers, Garlic, Tomato
and Jalapeno

Pizza Time Owners Refuse to Bargain; Shop Remains Closed Wed, 02 Mar 2005

Pizza Time workers met with owners Richard and Judi Kelley at 10am on Tuesday
March 1st, to discuss the future of Olympia Pizza Time. Richard Kelley
repeatedly denied being the owner on one hand, while threatening to close the
store indefinitely and sell the equipment on the other.

Richard Kelley's conditions for reopening Pizza Time are: 1) the workers
agree to not have their demands for better work conditions met and 2)
workers would be forced to 'volunteer', or 'donate their time' to make Pizza
Time a more profitable business. Richard Kelley added that any monetary
shortfall cause by the strike would be withheld from the worker's wages. For
example, Richard Kelley suggested inside workers may be paid for seven hours
of every ten hours worked and that delivery drivers would 'have to live on
tips. Before the strike, the highest paid workers earned $7.50 an hour.

A little after 10:30am, Pizza Time owner Shane Bloking entered the store to
gather paper work. Shane Bloking denied being an owner and refused to
negotiate with the workers.

Pizza Time owners Shane Bloking, Judi Kelley and Richard Kelley all refused
to sign a statement voluntarily recognizing the Olympia Workers' Association
as the worker's collective body for self-representation.

Pizza Time workers filed for union recognition with the National Labor
Relations Board on Thursday Feb. 17th . At this point, Pizza Time workers
look forward to government mediation and an investigation into possible
unfair labor practices on the part of the owners.

Pizza Time workers and community support are strong. Pizza Time workers
thank community members who ate pizza with them on Saturday and everyone who
has showed support through this unnecessarily prolonged labor dispute. Pizza
Time workers want everyone to know that they will not give up the struggle
for better work conditions.

Update From the Pizza Time Lockout Sun, 27 Mar 2005

Olympia Pizza Time franchise owner Richard Kelley locked out all nine
striking workers by closing the store on Feb 21st. The last negotiations
between Pizza time workers and Kelley broke down when Kelley insisted he
would open the store if workers accepted wages below state law. Pizza time
workers refused Kelley's unreasonable condition.

Pizza Time workers took their case to the National Labor Relations Board. A
federal investigator interviewed the workers and Kelley. The investigator
informed the workers that federal labor law offers no protection from owners
who close their own stores. Pizza Time workers are in need of a labor

On March 8th Pizza Time workers joined in solidarity with the Global Women's
Strike. The Global Women's Strike is a day to recognize the value in work
women do, most of which is not paid or is underpaid, and for women around the
world to realize the power and autonomy they have when they stand together.
Pizza time workers made pizzas and helped feed local women on strike for the

Pizza Time workers are joining up with Endicott Farms to help make a mobile
pizza oven. Once the oven is completed pizza workers will be making pizza
again and raising funds to start a worker-run pizza co-op. Pizza Time
workers are also working with the Olympia Food Co-op to learn what it takes
to start and operate a co-op.

Pizza Time workers wanted to create the first Olympia Worker's Association
union workplace. Although Richard Kelley refused to voluntarily recognize
the Olympia Worker's Association, the idea of a local independent union has
taken root with other workers in the community. Pizza Time workers realize
there are many workers in Olympia who want to improve their work conditions.

Pizza Time workers have no regrets about the strike. The ties workers created
between themselves and the Olympia community are strong. Many Pizza Time
workers feel the strike is one of the most meaningful experiences of their
lives and thank everyone who has shown support.

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