Sunday, November 05, 2006

[olympiaworkers] Defend fired bus driver

Dear Defenders of free speech, labor activists, and fellow bus drivers:

Yesterday's PI had a front page story about the Issaquah School District
bus driver
who was fired for flipping the bird at Bush while he was driving
through town last Summer in his motorcade.
If the school district gets away with this driver's termination
it will set a terrible precedent for all of us. We don't give away
our free speech rights when we punch into the time clock.
The school district is saying they would have fired her no
matter who she flipped off. Will they fire us for honking support
to striking workers as well?
Below is the contact info for the union that is representing her.
Please let them know you support this driver and want to help
in whatever way needed. As soon as I get the school district's
info I'll forward it along. Feel free to write letters to the newspaper
as well.
Let free speech live!
In solidarity Linda Averill

>Council 2 Contact Information
>Everett Office:
>Street Address: 3305 Oakes Ave. Everett, WA 98201
>Mailing Address: PO Box 750, Everett, WA 98206-0750
>Telephones: (425) 303-8818 1-800-775-6418 Fax (425) 303-8906 Fax
>President/Executive Director: Chris Dugovich
>Deputy Director: J. Pat Thompson
>Counsel: Audrey Eide, General Counsel; David M. Kanigel, Legal Counsel
>Director of Organizing: Bill Keenan
>Director of Research: Bill Dennis
>Staff Representatives: Rob Sprague; Clem Edwards; James Trefry; Diana
>Business Manager: Barbara Corcoran
>Administrative Assistant: Pam Cason
>Support Staff: Cori Goehner, Secretary; Jayme Graham, Secretary; Stacy
Hulse, Secretary; Inna Levchenko, Secretary
>Everett Office e-mail (

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