Sunday, October 26, 2008

[olympiaworkers] Support striking workers at Oak Harbor

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Date: Sun, October 26, 2008

In this week's mailing:

* USA: Support striking workers at Oak Harbor
* South Africa: Dispute ends at Woolworths
* Philippines: Demand release for jailed labour lawyer
* Labour Photo of the Year: Voting ends on 31.10
* Your dollars go further at LabourStart - here's why



Oak Harbor Freight Lines workers in Oregon, Washington and Idaho went on
strike more than a month ago and the response of the company has been

They've employed scabs, cut off health care to retirees, and bullied and
intimidated striking workers.

A number of responsible companies have decided not to work with Oak Harbor
until the dispute is resolved.

But not The Gap. They're continuing to use a company which is breaking U.S.
labour laws.

We've been asked by the strikers to launch a global campaign to put
pressure on The Gap and on Oak Harbor. Please take a minute to send off
your message:

If you're on Facebook, please sign up to the Oak Harbor strikers' cause,

Thanks -- and now spread the word!



A couple of weeks ago we asked for your support -- and you responded with
over 1,000 messages to the company. Woolworths proved to be acutely
sensitive to this pressure and sent out email messages to many of you
explaining their side of the story. The result has been that the company
agreed to a joint membership verification exercise beginning on Monday, 27
October, and the workers returned to work on Friday. Thanks for your



On Wednesday last week, Remigio Saladero, the chief legal counsel for the
KMU (an independent labor federation in the Philippines) and the union
representing Dole Philippines's workers, was illegally arrested by the
Philippine government. The International Labor Rights Forum has launched
a campaign to call for his release:



Over 2,000 of you have cast your votes for this year's Labour Photo of the
Year competition -- and the race is tight. We have five outstanding
photos to choose from and the deadline for voting is Friday, 31
October. Please make sure you've voted (once!) and spread the word:



The one good thing to have come out of the global economic crisis is that
your donations in US dollars to LabourStart are now worth a lot more money
to us. A $100 donation used to be worth only £50; today that's worth
almost £63. As we're based in London and pay for services in pounds,
we're very grateful for every dollar donation we receive these days.
Please give generously to support LabourStart's campaigns:


Eric Lee

Friday, October 24, 2008

[olympiaworkers] AWBC Peace Conference... And Online Community. Over 40 new members and Counting! :)

Dear friends,

Please forward this announcement widely.

The Fourth Annual A World Beyond Capitalism Conference 2008 invites
activists to come to Olympia, Washington on October 25th and 26th, 2008
and engage in educational discussion and visionary dialogue. Everything
is freee. as it should be! We believe in the need to reflect and
the future of the world beyond capitalism. We will emphasize the need
multi-lingual, long-term strategy through open dialogue and bridging
political theory with non-violent practice. To see the homepage of the
World Beyond Capitalism Conference please click the below link:

This year there are two ways to join us! Even if you can't make it to
this peace conference, we hope you can join our Community (that
will have videos of some of the workshops later) that we call the Peace
Communities Social Networking Website and Online Community (Beta version
of the Mutualist Project created at ZMI) with Member Profiles,
Forum, Event Listings, Photos & Slideshows, Custom Video Players,
Real-time Activity Stream and much more:

Special thanks to everyone at the School for Designing A Society, Z
Institute (ZMI) and the Healthcare Justice Gathering who joined the
community! If we ever hope to create a progresive, non-corporate
alternative to facebook and
myspace, we have to start that journey with small steps. Over 40 new
from around the world joined in just the last two weeks! And many of
have uploaded some amazing photos! Awesome! *happy laughter*

Everything is free! As it should be! We ask that those who are able to
do so, please bring food to contribute to our free-of-charge potluck
meals at the AWBC conference. We have been able to provide
free-of-charge meals each year at the
AWBC only due to the kindness of those who contribute.

Location of all workshops: The Freeschool Community, 610 Columbia
Olympia, WA 98501.

This conference (followed by a special concert by June Madrona)
will be the last event at the Freeschool's office space
location. But good news! The Freeschool has secured a new location in
residential community! The Community movement grows stronger everyday!

The website for the conference is
The 2008 A World Beyond Capitalism Conference: 4 Years Strong, 3
Documentaries Recorded, 2 Ways To Join us, 1 Mission: Networking and
Working Together to Create A World of Peace, A World of Equality: A
That is Beyond Capitalism!

Love, Solidarity, Peace,
Love for a world of peace and equality,
-AWBC Collective

Peace Communities
"This is where strangers can become friends and friends can network

The Second Annual Radical Road Trip - Visiting Underserved Communities
a Face-to-Face Basis and Making Radical Connections. - August 2009

The Freeschool Community

The Radical Feminist Distro and click on "RFD"

A World Beyond Capitalism Conference - The Fourth Annual International
Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conference - October 25th and 26th,


AWBC Flyers are Found Below.

For a JPG (if you can't open the PDF) version of the AWBC flyer with
workshop titles click below:

For a (slow loading) PDF version of the AWBC flyer with workshop titles
click below:

For a very large poster size PDF version of the AWBC flyer with workshop
titles click below:

For a JPG (if you can't open the PDF) version of the red and yellow AWBC
flyer click below:

For a PDF version of the red and yellow AWBC flyer click below:


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Saturday, October 11, 2008

[olympiaworkers] Worker history and zines about organizing class struggle

hey, I just read the Centralia Conspiracy, by Ralph Chaplin. It a worker
account of the 1919 Centralia Massacre where American Legion members and
the chamber of commerce attempted to raid the IWW union hall. Chaplin sets
the context for the event by going into detail about conditions in the
lumber industry at the time and the history of anti-union activity in
Centralia. The Centralia IWW had their union hall raided and destroyed in
1918 following a strike.

you can read and print the Centralia Conspiracy at: (12.5 mb)

More zines about class struggle can be found at:

More zines about organizing workplaces and communities can be found at: