Monday, November 06, 2006

Learn about 6 Different Activist Movements at either 1 of the below meetings (or print the booklet)


A World Beyond Capitalism 2007 Conference
The Third Annual International Multiracial Alliance Building Peace
The Common Unity Peace Conference

Un Mundo Más Allá del Capitalismo
Una Conferencia Anual de Paz Para Crear Uniones Internacionales y

Main Home Page:
Main Home Page:<>

'Radical Caring'
The People's Empowerment Publication: Dedicated to Encouraging, Inspiring,
Networking, Celebrating and Remembering Activists and Communities Worldwide <>

S.U.R.G.E. = Social Uprising, Resistance and Grassroots Encouragement
The Third Annual International Activist Film Festival
and Film Festival Network


The 'Free of Kings' Project
This is project to create a radical, co-op (member-owned) free speech
alternative to social networking websites. A project to create a website
better than mypsace, wikipedia, indymedia, youtube and
combined! Many of the largest social networking websites are owned by
right-wing groups, multinational corporations, or a small clique of
volunteers which puts censorship into the hands of a few power-tripping
individuals. Many of these social networking websites also are using people
who sign up for their services like a tool because they use oppressive
corporate advertisements to fund their 'free' services. Many of these
websites also are censoring activists and deleting the accounts or news
articles of activists simply because they are in positions of power. Social
networking websites are a form of media which continues to expand, yet
multinational corporations are trying place themselves in the positions of
Kings of such a valuable media resource. Only in a dictatorship, or a
monarchy run by a King, are such powerful media resources controlled by so
few people. If such resources were not-for-profit and opensource people
could free themselves of these self-empowered Kings.
The Free of Kings' Project.

There are two other projects ( a DIY activist speakers bureau and a
community-land coalition project known as Imagine Seven) as well which are
featured in the Radical Updates publication. Issue #1 is able to be printed
frrom their website. People can subscribe to their publication
free-of-charge on their website found here: <>

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