Sunday, June 05, 2005

OWA Barbeque a Success!

The Olympia Workers Association Barbeque on June 4 was a successful event for drawing together a diverse group of Olympians to share food and drink, enjoy music, meet new people and learn about the OWA and workers' rights. At least 150 people came and went throughout the day, with about 50 people at the barbeque at a time. There were separate vegetarian and meat grills, with a little something for everyone, and the Waltz Invention performed a great acoustic set. Members of the Beehive Collective and Pepperspray Productions were there to interview former Pizza Time Workers about their strike and subsequent organizing activities, including the formation of the Olympia Workers Association as an all-trades labor union for workers in the Olympia area. Union members got our membership cards, and many new members joined yesterday and paid their dues of one dollar a year. Quite a few folks came just to check out the scene after seeing a flyer. Even the guy with the airplane strapped on top of his van was there, after having a flyer left under his windshield wiper. The event was peaceful and a good time was had by all.