Wednesday, March 07, 2007

[olympiaworkers] Iraqi union offices raided

* Iraqi union offices raided
* Air New Zealand faces "storm of outrage"
* International union rights



Six days ago, US and Iraqi forces raided the head offices of the General
Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW), the country's national trade union
center. They arrested one of the union's security staff (later released
unharmed), destroyed furniture, and confiscated a computer and fax
machine. And then they did it again two days later, causing further damage
to the union headquarters.

The union is condemning the attacks as unprovoked. It is calling on the
occupation forces to issue a written apology, to return all the seized
property, and to pay compensation for damages caused.

They are asking unions around the world to send messages of protest by
clicking here:



The Service and Food Workers Union (SFWU) has released some highlights of
the many email exchanges that have taken place between Air New Zealand CEO
Rob Fyfe and the thousands of you who have written to him:

The struggle continues.


International Union Rights

If you support the rights of working people everywhere to form free and
independent unions, you should be actively supporting the work of the
International Centre for Trade Union Rights (ICTUR). And you should be
reading their excellent quarterly magazine, "International Union Rights".
And you should have hanging in your office a copy of their huge,
full-color world map entitled "Freedom of Association: The protection of
trade union rights worldwide".

To get the map for free and to support the work of ICTUR (and
LabourStart), please take out a subscription to "International Union
Rights" today:

Thanks. And have a great weekend.

Eric Lee

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