Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Re: [olympiaworkers] Status of Pizza Time?

The first political action that the Pizza Time workers (who went on strike
and were locked out) took was making pizzas for peace advocates down at
the port during a military shipment. One of the workers crossed onto port
property to give the cops a peace-sign pepperoni pizza. That worker was
threatened with arrest for that action. Other pizza time workers delivered
lots of free pizzas to peace advocates who later brought down the port
fence for the first time.

It comes to no surprise to me that Heath Flores, the current owner of
Pizza Time, would try this sort of publicity stunt to create divisions in
the Olympia Community. Heath Flores is a former repo man who has lots of
tricks up his sleeve. He wants to put the Pizza Time Strike and lock out
behind him and make a buck in Olympia. Please do not fall for his tricks.

Heath Flores locked us out of our jobs. I worked at Pizza Time for two
years at minimum wage. All we wanted to return to work was for Heath to
put it in writing that we would not be fired or discriminated against once
things got back to normal. Heath Flores never gave us a chance and hired
the scabs you see today.

If you advocate justice, do not eat Pizza Time pizza even if it is free.

In struggle and solidarity,


p.s. Feb 12 was the two year anniversary of when all the workers at
Olympia Pizza Time stood up for themselves and went on strike. I'm still
on strike!

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