Sunday, February 11, 2007

Re: [olympiaworkers] Status of Pizza Time?

I don't know anything about the pizzas at the camp, but I was around for the strike.
I would like to remind folks that the current owners of Pizza Time are not the owners that would not negotiate with the striking workers.  The current owners bought the shop without knowledge of the Labor dispute.  The man (Shane Bloking?  I forgot most of the names involved) who was to blame for the firings is no longer an owner.  I don't know the standing in the business of the man who owned the building, but I believe he sold his share, as well.  What remains is whether or not the new owners ever had any ethical obligation to hire on the workers fired for the walkout.  If they employed family members and a couple of friends, should said friends and family have been fired in order to rehire workers employed by a previous owner?  Perhaps they really are calous jerks and irresponsible business people.  I have been out of the loop on this issue for quite a while.  Do I have my facts wrong?  Do you disagree with me?

On 2/11/07, Wally Cuddeford <> wrote:
So, on a couple occasions I saw a Pizza Time delivery guy bring a big pile of Pizza Time pizzas to Camp Quixote.  This raises a lot of questions, given the big lockout and strike a couple years back in which a whole unionized staff was fired.

1) Were the pizzas bought, or were they donated?

2) If they were bought, Why the Hell are we buying our pizzas at Pizza Time?

3) If they were donated by Pizza Time to the homeless for tent city, does that not change things?  Time to at least re-evaluate the ongoing blacklisting of Pizza Time?  I know, a few free pizzas is a small, small gesture considering Pizza Crime's history in Olympia.  Buuuut, if Pizza Time's owners had reconsidered their stance, is this not how they might first show it?

4) Should there be no re-evaluation of Pizza Time based on the notion that our reconsideration cannot be bought with a few pizzas?  Or should a gesture perhaps be made to re-open discussions with it's owners as to how to make their business respectable again, if maybe that's what they want?

Any thoughts?

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