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[olympiaworkers] Reminder, next Saturday Leonard Peltier March

From:Tacoma Chapter of the Leonard Peltier Defense/Offense Committee, P.O.
Box 5464, Tacoma, WA 98415-0464


Many hand drums needed for the march. Let all know by the beat of the drum
that we are there for our brother Leonard Peltier.

Leonard Peltier (of the Anishinabe, Dakota, and Lakota Nations), long time
Native Activist and member of the American Indian Movement. Leonard Peltier,
an innocent man who was convicted for the 1975 shooting deaths of two agents
of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. U.S. prosecutors have repeatedly
admitted that they did not and cannot prove Peltier's guilt, and the
appellate courts have cited numerous instances of investigative and
prosecutorial misconduct in this case. As late as November 2003, the 10th
Circuit Court of Appeals acknowledged that "…Much of the government's
behavior at the Pine Ridge Reservation and its prosecution of Mr. Peltier is
to be condemned. The government withheld evidence. It intimidated witnesses.
These facts are not disputed." The trial of the first two AIM members in
this case were found not guilty for reason of self-defense.

Greetings All,

Next Saturday, May 21, 2011, will be our Regional Leonard Peltier Clemency
March and Rally. We wish to thank the many people who have helped by getting
the word out by; handing out fliers, posting the posters and fliers, e-mail,
web sites, facebook, mail, phone, word of mouth and other means. This is
truly a great example of grassroots organizing, of people coming together
for a purpose. What everyone has done, all together, has made what this
effort has become. This has not been just about getting a good turnout, but
also getting Leonard's name, case and clemency campaign out to as many
people as possible. We want to personally thank all of you.

Leonard knows about all of this, as do people across the country and in
different parts of the world. The event will be video taped and used by
Peltier supporters to help promote the clemency campaign.

We still have some days left to give it all that we can. We are letting the
people and the government know that we will not quietly let Leonard die in
prison. We will not let the truth about what happened be forgotten. We
believe that with overwhelming public support that we can free Leonard

The government, the mass media and pop culture like to blame the people for
the problems of the world and those that stand up, they like to bury them
forgotten as if they did not ever exist. Even though the Native people of
this land faced genocidal policies and the continuing theft of their land,
they are still here. Leonard Peltier is the continuation of over 500 years
of resistance for survival.

The government. Media and pop culture likes to divide the struggles of the
people, but we know that they are all connected. Be it working people
standing up against those that blame them for economic problems, while at
the same time the rich get richer. Be it the poor, immigrants, people of
color, women, people of other lands, environmentalists, peace activists, and
many others who are demonized in order to cover-up the abuse and greed of
some. We understand what is being done to all of us. They said what they
done is in the interests of America. We say that it is time to let all know
that America is also the people and the land, those so-called interests that
many bad things are being justified with, are not our true interests and we
have a voice that will be heard.

Supporting Leonard Peltier is supporting a man who has stood strong for the
people while in prison since 1976. Supporting Leonard Peltier is about the
truth of what has been done to the Native people of this land, saying we
will have no part in that and we will not be silent about it. Supporting
Leonard Peltier is about making the connections between all struggling
people, that we face the same antagonists, and together we must stand for a
better world and the well-being of all.

We personally welcome you all to the May 21, 2011 Regional Leonard Peltier
Clemency March and Rally, which we are using to start our new clemency
campaign. We thank all of you for your support.

In Solidarity TACOMA

As individual fingers we can easily be broken, but all together we make a
mighty fist. -- Sitting Bull



12:00 NOON: MARCH FOR JUSTICE Portland Ave. Park (on Portland Ave. between
E. 35th & E. Fairbanks. Take Portland Ave. exit off I-5 and head east)

1:00 PM: RALLY FOR JUSTICE U.S. Federal Court House, 1717-Pacific Ave.


Co-MCs Matilaja:
Yu'Pik/Yakama, Tacoma Chapter LPDOC Steve Hapy: Tacoma Chapter LPDOC
Drum: Albert Combs: Coastal Salish drum song Keynote Speaker: Ramona
Bennett: Puyallup Tribal Member, Long time Native Activist Dorothy
Ackerman: Lakota Elder Chauncey Peltier: Son of Leonard
Peltier Deeahop Conway, Tacoma Chapter LPDOC Peter Bohmer, long-term
activist, member of Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace, and faculty at
the Evergreen State College Juan Jose Bocanegra:
Coordinator/Organizer, The Committee for Immigration Reform and Social
Justice (El Comite Pro Reforma Migratoria y Justicia Social)
David Duenas: Puyallup Arthur J. Miller:
Northwest Regional Organizer LPDOC
Michael One Road: Portland Chapter LPDOC

CAR POOLS: OLYMPIA: There will be a carpool leaving from the parking lot at
Harrison and Division at 10:15 am. SEATTLE: Meet at the Red Apple parking
lot at 23rd and Jackson. Will be leaving at 10:30 am. PORTLAND, people
interested in carpooling, transportation will meet up outside of KBOO Radio
Station (20 SE 8th, Portland, OR 97124) before embarking to Tacoma between
9:00-9:30am. Please RSVP if you either need transportation from Portland or
are willing to share your vehicle to carpool

For donations: Please make checks payable to the Leonard Peltier
Defense/Offense Committee (mark them for NW March) and send them to: Tacoma
LPODC, P.O. Box 5464, Tacoma, WA 98415. Thank you


Here is the link to the radio interview with Susan Morales, member of the
Tacoma Chapter, LPDOC and long time Native activist, speaking about Leonard
Peltier and the May 21st Peltier Clemency rally. Tacoma LPDOC on
facebook at:!/profile.php?id=100002154914197
March web site: March
facebook page:
March information packet
March poster
March Flier

Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee:

Video of the 2004 Tacoma Leonard Peltier March, the year we won the right to
get a march permit:

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