Wednesday, June 23, 2010

[olympiaworkers] New wave of strikes in Greece Jun 23 2010

A new wave of strikes is hitting Greece while the government is hesitating
to bring its anti-labour law for a vote in Parliament.

The new wave of strikes that began with the abstention of markers from the
final exams and the rolling strikes at the Athens metro are climaxing in
Greece a week before a new general strike called by GSEE and ADEDY.

Lawyers have declared a strike from today till the 7th of July, while
hospital doctors have gone on a 24h strike across the country. At the same
time railway workers are performing rolling two-hour stoppages throughout
the week that are expected to interrupt all major train journeys in the

At the same time PAME, the Communist Party union umbrella is leading the
labour reactions to the government's new austerity measures which the PM
is too afraid to being for vote in Parliament in fear of its government
collapsing. Today PAME performed a massive protest march in the streets of
Athens, while PAME allied dockworkers blockaded the harbour of Peiraeus
causing all tourist boats to cancel their trips to the islands. Asked by
the tourist cartel why the dockworkers were not treated "as the law
requires" the Ministry of Public Order claimed that "such problems are not
solved by means of repression".

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