Sunday, November 15, 2009

[olympiaworkers] Solidarity Picket at Olympia City Hall Nov. 17


Thanks to everyone who made it out to this Olympia action last week.
We've just found out that the mayor of Olympia is trying to rush the City
of Olympia's decision about choosing a developer for the downtown
municipal parking garage. The mayor wants to skip the Request For
Proposals and have the city use a developer chosen by his staff only.

Our favorite discriminating property developers, Lorig Associates ( for more info), are hoping the Olympia City Council will
choose to award them this contract. It looks like the City Council will be
voting *next Tuesday* on whether to short-circuit the decision-making
process, and we want to be there to urge the city council to make the right
choice: anyone but Lorig!

WHEN/WHERE: This Tuesday, November 17th. Those coming from Seattle are
meeting up at LELO (3700 S Hudson St) at 4pm and then carpooling down to
Olympia. We're starting so early because travel time on I-5 can be
unpredictable, and we can't risk missing this action opportunity due to
traffic jams. If we get to Olympia early, we'll start picketing early.
Those who are already in or near Olympia should meet us at 6:15pm in front
of the City of Olympia building at 900 Plum Street SE, Olympia, WA.

WHAT: We'll be picketing outside, and flyering inside, the Olympia City
Council meeting, letting everyone know the truth about Lorig. As usual,
this council meeting will be televised live. Let's see if we can reduce
Lorig's chances of scoring a contract from the city of Olympia!

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