Friday, October 02, 2009

[olympiaworkers] Striking transport workers in Lyon occupy head office Sept. 29, 2009

After six days of strike action 20 workers have occupied parts of the head
office of Keolis, the company responsible for the city's public transport.

The strike action began on Thursday with strong support by workers leaving
only 58% of metro; 32% of tram and 25% of bus services running. Workers
were protesting against management attempts to remove a large number of
conditions from their contracts. While management argue that many of these
provisions are outdated and that they will not affect working conditions;
workers have responded that any changes to the conditions under which they
were hired should be compensated.

The unions have deposited a notice of action for a 99 day strike: meaning
that workers can legally continue the strike for 99 days as long as they
vote to continue action at daily workers' assemblies.The strike follows on
from an earlier strike in the year over the same issue.

By Tuesday management were claiming that 65% of services were running,
compared to 41% on the first day of action, but at least one tram line and
one metro line will not be running for the next few days and the others
will be running a limited service. The union are claiming 90% observance
while Keolis claim 60%.

Workers took the decision to occupy the building in protest at the failure
of management to make concessions during negotiations.

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