Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[olympiaworkers] STRIKE! Community Called to Picket, St. Peter's Hospital, Thursday, Oct. 15th

Submitted by Patty on Wed, 10/14/2009 to

STRIKE! Community Called to Picket, St. Peter's Hospital, Thursday, Oct.

Union service Workers picketing all day during standoff with management.

LPNs, Service and Tech Workers at our local St. Peter's hospital will be
on the picket line all day tomorrow - Thursday, October 15th - and they
ask for Supporters to join them in a one-day strike.

The Workers are members of Service Employees International Union, SEIU,
local 1199NW and are fighting against reductions in medical and retirement
benefits and below standard wage increases.

Their Union reps are holding strong presenting Worker demands to
management, and Worker-Activists with SEIU expressed today that management
has been presenting more threats than working faithfully with the Workers
in negotiating over Worker wages and benefits. Things are getting ugly and
the Workers would like to show the huge profit making hospital that the
Community - who they serve - are behind them.

Show your support and turn out at any time of the day or night (they'll be
there from 6 AM-Midnight) and join the picket at the intersection of Lilly
and Ensign Rd.

Don't let our local hospital, with it's show of large profits, greedily
ask for more on the backs of the Workers, while wagering against the
desperate need for medical care of the People who live in this Community!

Call of Support in Solidarity with SEIU, local 1199NW Workers written by
independent Community Member, Patty Imani, on 10/14/09

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