Wednesday, May 06, 2009

[olympiaworkers] Venezuela: Union leader murdered

info from PGA North America

May 5, 2009

Venezuela: On May 5th, companero Argenis Vasquez, was murdered in
front of his house. He was Secretary of Organization for the
Toyota Workers Union.

CCURA (the labor group led by Orlando Chirino) has called for an
emergency meeting of all labor organizations in Cumara to call a
general strike against gangsterism.

Orlando Chirino stated: "It is not enough to call for an
investigation because everything gets covered up with impunity such
as what happened with the murder of our comrades Richard, Luis and
Carlos as well as what happened to the Mitsubishi comrades and the
case of the student leader of the ULA in Merida.
We have to respond to the gangsters and their sponsors with
struggle, with mobilization and automatic work stoggages every time
theres a murder so that the bosses, gangsters and everyone
invbolved know the value of a leader of the working class."

translated by Earl Gilman

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