Tuesday, June 10, 2008

[olympiaworkers] Please sign ISC-supported petition for guest workers

Please sign ISC-supported petition for guest workers

> Fellow Workers,
> On Wednesday, June 11th (tomorrow!) there will be an international
> day of action to support Indian guest-workers who have been on hunger
> strike for weeks to protest their coercive, deceptive and brutal
> mistreatment in the United States. They came to the Gulf Coast to help
> rebuild the area destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and after facing
> terrible conditions they are now threatened with deportation for
> speaking out.
> Please go to http://nolaworkerscenter.wordpress.com/sign-the-petition/

> right now and sign the petition there. Despite a lot of recent
> publicity and a letter to the Department of Justice from over a dozen
> members of Congress, there are amazingly only 59 signatures on this
> petition so far. Let's change that and show these fellow workers that
> they have our support! Also, anyone who can organize a local protest
> or join forces with an existing one tomorrow (and write a report about
> it for the Industrial Worker, iww.org, the ISC bulletin, etc.) should
> email solidarity@iww.org immediately. Thank you!
> Mike Pesa
> International Solidarity Commission
> Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
> _______________________________________________

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