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[olympiaworkers] Reminder: Tacoma Wobblyfest this Saturday

Please Post Widely

Tacoma Wobblyfest 2008:                                                A Poor and Working People's Gathering

A Public Gathering of Education and Music

When the union's inspiration through the workers blood shall run There can be no power greater anywhere beneath the sun---- Solidarity Forever

May 24, 2008

9 AM to 5 PM at: Evergreen State College-Tacoma Campus: 1210 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA

6 PM to 9 PM at: Pitchpipe Infoshop, 621 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Tacoma, WA


Workshops 9 AM to 12 Noon: Everegreen State College-Tacoma Campus                                                             

1. Immigrant Workers: Mary Smith.                                     9:00 am to 9:45 am   

This workshop will focus on the reality that most immigrants are working people who are being exploited by employers and politicians. The workshop will include information on resistance to exploitation and union organizing.                                                  

2. Working Class Environmentalism: Leah Coakley:            10 am to 10:45 am  

Working Class Environmentalism Workshop:
The mainstream environmental movement has many challenges, including its predominantly consumer-based strategies, which often exclude the knowledge, struggles, and organizing power of the poor and working classes.  This workshop will serve to introduce the Working Class Environmentalism movement -- its vision, history, and significance.  The ideas of IWW environmental-labor organizers such as Judi Bari will be featured.  Workshop participants will have a chance to participate in an organizing scenario and engage in discussion on working class environmental movement-building and education.
3. Joe Hill and IWW Music: Patrick Edelbacher:               11 am to 11:45 am
This workshop will focus on the importance of music in labor organizing, specifically the impact of Joe Hill, Woody Guthrie (non-Wobbly), Ralph Chaplin, and other IWW songwriters on the movement. Not only will we revisit  songs that shaped the American labor movement but discover contemporary labor songs and applicable tunes for today's worker. Since the IWW is know as the singing union, it wouldn't be a true IWW workshop without group songs. No signing experience necessary, every voice matters.


MC: Marilyn Kimmerling

Openning 1 pm to 1:05 pm

IWW Preamble: Jen Rogue: 1:06 to 1:11

Openning song "Banks of Marble"  1:12 to 1:17:         Patrick Edelbacher & Diane M. Crews

THE IWW, IDEAS, STRUCTURE AND TACTICS:          Arthur J. Miller: 1:20 to 1:45  

TACOMA IWW:                                                           Leah Coakley 1:50 to 2:25

MUSIC FOR REBEL WORKERS:                             

Patrick Edelbacher 2:30 to 3:15  

Diane M. Crews, 3:20 to 4:05

Jess Grant: 4:10 to 4:55

Solidarity Forever 5:55 to 5 pm

TACOMA, LET US ORGANIZE! Workshop on Workplace Organizing:Patrick Edelbacher:  6 PM to 9 PM at: Pitchpipe Infoshop, 621 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Tacoma, WA  

  This workshop will focus a workplace organizing skills, questions on organizing, and possible union organizing in Tacoma

CHILD CARE PROVIDED: Please let us know if you will need Child Care so that we will know what needs to be organized

Complimentary lunch and dinner

We need help getting fliers and posters out. To arrange getting fliers and posters or the get the event flier by e-mail please send a message to:

This event is organized by:
Tacoma General Membership Branch
Industrial Workers of the World
P.O. Box 5464
Tacoma, WA 98415-0464
IWW Web Site: 

The Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.) was founded over 100 years ago as a labor organization that believes in industrial unionism, industrial organizing, direct action and universal working class solidarity. The I.W.W. has sought to organize workers internationally into a One Big Union for the purpose of carrying on the day-to-day labor struggles from the greatest possible strength that can be organized and to build a new society within the shell of the old where class conflict no longer exists


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