Tuesday, August 13, 2013

[olympiaworkers] SeaSol quickly wins $6,710 at a South Seattle grocery store.

Aug. 13, 2013 Libcom.org

New SeaSol member Antonio worked at a grocery store in White Center for
two grueling years. Working regular 6-day, 72-hour weeks, Antonio received
no breaks, no overtime pay, and was irregularly compensated at less than
$7 per hour (far below Washington State's minimum wage). When he learned
of our win at Jumbo Buffet, Antonio got in touch with the Seattle
Solidarity Network. After much discussion and research, SeaSol and Antonio
voted to fight for 30 weeks of back wages, or $6,710, for Antonio.

On Saturday July 27th 2013, Antonio, his family, and over forty SeaSolers
filed into the store to deliver our demand. The atmosphere was tense as
the boss read the letter, shaking, and looking around at the stern faces
glaring in solidarity with Antonio. The boss was so intimidated by our
direct action that he immediately contacted a lawyer friend for help. His
lawyer called us the following Monday with weak - and quickly shut down -
attempts at bargaining.

On Thursday August 8th 2013, the thieving boss and his lawyer friend met
up with Antonio, his daughter, and other SeaSol members. More attempts to
bully Antonio into accepting less money were rejected, and Antonio was
paid $6,710 on the spot.

The unwavering position presented by SeaSol and Antonio throughout this
fight, our refusal to play legal games with a lawyer, and flawlessly
carried out direct action quickly resulted in a swift win in this fight.
Congratulations to our new comrade Antonio, and thanks to all who showed
up to the demand delivery!

[originally posted at seasol.net August 2013]

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