Sunday, January 22, 2012


The Occupy Solidarity Social Forum is approaching and a couple hundred folks who have found an affinity and hope in the Occupy movement are coming from all over the nation for a weekend of plenaries, panels, actions and workshops. Find out more and register to participate through We are looking for locals to pick folks up at the airports, the train stations, homes for out of towners, food preparers and volunteering during those days, February 18-19. Friday the 17th we will have a small social event in the evening at the Labor Center, at 9th and Colombia, where the conference will primarily be located. Sunday the 19th we will be having a public celebration at the Olympia Ballroom at 7:30 with music performance by Jim Page, Danny Kelly, David Rovics and guests.

President's Day, Monday, February 20, we are putting our training into practice with actions all day at the capitol, the banks, and other secret locations around town. We need a mass of folks at Sylvester Park starting at 10AM to rally, then a march taking off at noon to the capitol where we will end on the Supreme Court steps and perform street theater and actions. It is a big day so let your friends know, there is a flier here that can help with that! A thousand good folks will be at the capitol that day for other events and we want to be there in support of all those who show up and honor their participation. However our message is clear for all to hear that day. Stop the cuts, make the 1% pay!

"Whatever the legislators do is not enough. We have no faith in their representation and no money to buy their loyalty. That's why we are stepping forward, to take what's ours; our dignity, our democracy, our resources, our future which we envision as beautiful without fear and with promise. For we are the 99% and we are passive no longer!"
- anonymous citizen and Occupy participant.


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