Tuesday, November 01, 2011

[olympiaworkers] Olympia General Strike, March + Rally//November 2nd.

On Tuesday, the occupiers of Oakland, California courageously faced off
against a monstrous deployment of riot police. The police, armed to the
teeth and swarming in from 15 different jurisdictions, violently evicted
and brutally beat occupiers, denying them entry to Oscar Grant Plaza. The
following day, while we in Olympia were occupying Heritage Park in
solidarity with our comrades around the world, our comrades in Oakland
were victoriously tearing down the fences that had barred them from their
occupation site and, once again, reclaiming Oscar Grant Plaza. That
evening, the Oakland General Assembly, attended by over 2,000 in high
spirits, approved (by 96.9%) a November 2nd General Strike and Mass Day of

We in Olympia stand with Oakland as they initiate the first citywide
general strike in the United States since 1946. In so doing, Oakland has
joined millions in Egypt, Greece, Spain, and elsewhere who have launched
waves of General Strikes to shut their economies down in the struggle
against the global capitalist system. We in Olympia are fighting against
the same system. And, sooner or later, massive strike actions are sure to
explode here in our city. This is not a speculation, it's a guarantee. The
same has happened in every place hit by the global economic crisis. It has
followed each of the occupations with which occupy Olympia is inspired and
in solidarity – Tahrir, Syntagma, Barcelona, and now Oakland.

So what does it mean to have a General Strike in our city? It is a mass
refusal across multiple sectors of the economy in a city or region, and it
is one of our strongest weapons against capitalism. "General Strike" means
nobody and nothing works. It means that we refuse the demands of our
bosses and re-appropriate our activity toward our own desires. It can last
for one day, for a week, or for as long as we make it. No money is
exchanged during a General Strike – Everything is for Everyone.

Or, as those in the Oakland General Assembly put it, the General Strike
means that we liberate our city and ourselves by shutting down the profits
of the ruling class.

November 2nd, 2011 General Strike

In solidarity with the general strike in Oakland, let us:

Call in sick to work
Walk out of school
Find and create egalitarian ways of sharing
Organize marches and actions
Do whatever we want for the day

Olympia will not have a successful general strike on November 2nd unless
tens of thousands join us. Yet every empty desk, every unpunched time
card, and every sick call is a strike against global capitalism. And rest
assured, they will feel it.

Everything for Everyone//General Strike November 2nd// Liberate Your Desires

(this text has been lovingly adopted from an Occupy Seattle pamphlet and
approved by the Olympia General Assembly)


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