Friday, October 21, 2011

[olympiaworkers] Occupy Olympia wants your support.

Dear South Sound Community,
The 99% are Occupying Olympia with a camp of 100 tents at Heritage Park by Capital Lake. We are in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, against greedy multinational banks, corporate personhood, the continuing military occupations and money destroying our democracy. Come Saturday, October 22, to march in downtown Olympia for Community Banks and against Wall Street banks and the following Saturday join us at the People's Movement Assembly at the Olympia Center.

To subscribe to the listserves go to these links and type in your e-mail. Everyone will be on, but you might want to consider making that digest mode to not get your mail box overrun and then sign up under a work group listserve according to interest. Some lists are not active but they are available for use as we build our structure and are great for folks who are not camping as a way to get involved. These e-mail lists are for both helping with logistics of camp but also for bigger ideas. For example togetherhealth may help with the first aid tent while some may work also on developing a free clinic in town and planning events and strategies around achieving universal healthcare in Washington, the US and the world. Similarly with the other lists. The hope is that these lists will keep us together in honor of the way Occupy Wall Street has brought us together. We are the 99%.


Move Your Money March – Saturday, October 22, 2011
Heritage Park by Capital Lake @11:30AM
Occupy Olympia, in solidarity with the worldwide Occupy Wall Street movement, will be marching in support of alternatives to Wall Street banks in our community — including local banks, credit unions, time banking, bartering, and the "free economy" movement.  The rally begins at 11:30 AM at Heritage Park and the march will follow at noon. 

Citizens angry over bank bailouts and economic disparity that benefits the 1% are invited to join Occupy Olympia. We are the 99% and we are powerful!

Marchers will pass peacefully (no funny business!) by Bank of America, an institution which paid no taxes while taking billions in bailouts and profits during 2010. The march will then move to alternative local institutions, including Olympia Federal Savings and Washington State Employees Credit Union.  This is a family-friendly and fun event.

We won't stop till the Wall Street Banks are out of Olympia forever but we need your support!

For more info call 360-545-3267.

-bruce wilkinson

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