Wednesday, April 13, 2011

[olympiaworkers] ILWU sit in at PMA

ILWU sit in at PMA--happening now!
by Stan Woods from
Tuesday Apr 12th, 2011 10:47 AM

ILUW members from locals 10, 6, 54, and SEIU 1021 are now holding a
sit-in at the PMA (Pacifica Maritime Association) offices at 475 -
14th street, Oakland.

ILWU sit in of PMA--happening now!

Members of ILUW locals 10, 6, 54, and SEIU 1021 are now holding a sit-in
at the offices of the PMA (Pacifica Maritime Association) at 475 - 14th
street in Oakland. Jack Heyman & Richard Mead are there.

This is because the PMA (Pacifica Maritime Association) is suing the ILWU
over the shutdown of the Port of Oakland and SF docks on Monday, April 4.
Also, the PMA is reportedly hiring non-union workers at Port Chicago and
San Diego.

Presumably, the police will be soon arresting these labor activists; so
anybody who happens to be in the area please go there to be a witness. A
supporting demonstration on the street outside the offices would be
helpful if people can get there in time.

That is at the PMA (Pacifica Maritime Association) office at 475 - 14th
street in Oakland, across the street from City Hall.

This was reported by phone to Daniel Borgström from ILWU member Stan Woods
who is at the sit-in.

Action over-No arrests
by Stan Woods
Tuesday Apr 12th, 2011 1:25 PM

The action is now over. The PMA refused to meet with the delegation and
after several hrs . people decided to leave . Richard Phelps Atty.
volunteered his services and served as a Legal liason with the OPD .
In yet another anti-union attack the PMA (Pacific Maritime Assoc. ) has
decided to strike back against ILWU Local 10 for it's April 4 Soldarity
action with the Workers of Wisconsin (and everywhere ! )
They are also reportly using US Army reservists instead of Union Longshore
at what was formerly known as the Port Chicago in Concord . And reports
are now coming in re Port of San Diego . details unclear.
This is just the beginning. Any and everyone who is interested in
defending workers rights are invited to attend a Emergency Planning
meeting this Thursday 4/14 7 Pm Longshore Hall Henry Schmitt room 400
Northpoint /Mason SF .
Endorsed by the SF Labor Council on 4/12 .
( See Channel 2 and 7 news at 5 and 6pm today for film of the event . Also
filmed by the Labor Video project )

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