Saturday, December 11, 2010

[olympiaworkers] Europe calling: it's just the beginning! from Rome to London Dec 11 2010

A call from the Italian site uniriot for solidarity and coordination
between the emerging European student movements.

…You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows: occupation
of universities everywhere in Europe, blockage of the cities, manif
sauvage, rage. This is the answer of a generation to whom they want to cut
the future with debts for studying, cuts of welfare state and increasing
of tuition fees.

The determination of thousand of students in London, the rage of who
assault the Italian Senate house against the austerity and the education
cuts, has opened the present time: this is because the future is something
to gain that starts when you decide collectively to take risk and to

The extraordinary struggles that we are living have the capacity to show a
present with an intensity that exceed the linearity of the time, that
refuse our precarity condition: it is an assault to the future!

We don't want to get into debt, we don't want to pay more fees to study in
London as well as in Paris, Wien, Rome, Athens, Madrid, Dublin, Lisbon.
This European movement is about refusing austerity policies, refusing to
get into debt for these miserable politicians. Que se vayan todos!

What is happening nowadays in Rome first spread out in Athens and Paris,
then in Dublin and London: it is the irruption of a movement who speaks a
common language, the same young generation in revolt, who inhabits
different cities but shares the same determination to struggle, "floating
like a butterfly and stinging like a bee".

We have to meet each other and invent a new political grammar against the
weakness of the nation-state and their strategy to face the crisis: their
recipe is just austerity, cuts and debt.

In Italy we have occupied not only universities, but also blocked
motorways and the mobility of the country in order to circulate struggles
outside the national borders and coming in Europe and beyond. The
circulation of struggles is living within the Book Block and the wild
demonstration in London, Paris and Rome.

This autumn we are living a real European student movement, that is
various and radical, really heterogeneous. Its common reclaim comes from a
protest that is born in the middle of the crisis, and that represents the
most courageous answer. It is a struggle composed by different struggles,
heterogeneous temporalities that reclaim more scholarships for student and
a public university for everyone.

Within the book block a new generation recognized and found itself in the
protest. Today in lots of cities the Italian student movement is showing
something more than just solidarity: this is because your struggle is our
struggle and all around Europe students are against the increasing of
fees, the privatisation of the university and the education cuts. You are
not alone in the UK: a European event, a new generation does not want to
stop. We have the force whom want to change the world and we have the
intelligence to do it. It is just the beginning!

We propose to students, researchers, precarious workers and PhD students
to build up together an European meeting at the beginning of the 2011, to
continue the struggle, to transform this wind into a tempest!

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