Tuesday, April 06, 2010

[olympiaworkers] Oakland Teacher Strike! April 22

from indybay.org

Oakland Teacher Strike!

START DATE: Thursday April 22
TIME: 6:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Details:

Join the pickets at your Oakland neighborhood public school from
6.00-11.00am. March to the nearest BART at 11.00 and rally at Frank Ogawa
Plaza in downtown Oakland at 12.00 noon.

Email Address oaklandcoalition [at] gmail.com

Rally at Frank Ogawa Plaza at 12.00 noon!!

We are tired of the mismanagement of the Oakland Unified School District.
A few years back, we were put under state control due to bankruptcy, and
the state ran the district even further into debt. Now the district is
back into 'local control,' but our students continue to suffer from lack
of resources. We are told the funding problem lies at the state and
federal level, but we know that is not the truth.

The budget is a disaster. Our teachers and support staff are being laid
off and our Adult Education programs are severely threatened by next
year's budget cuts. The district favors paying for top-heavy
administration and private contracts over classroom size reduction and
equitable academic programs for our students. Our school facilities are
crumbling. The district is violating the California Education Code by
allocating on 45% of the budget to compensation for classroom teachers and
aids, rather than the 55% required by law.

Join us as the union shows its strength to demand improved learning
conditions for our students! We will not take 'the recession' as an
excuse! The money is there for all of our demands; we've seen the budget!
It's a matter of making our students the priority!

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