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[olympiaworkers] Global Women’s Strike! March 13, 2010

International Women's Day Event!

Saturday March 13, 2010

Mothers March & Speak Out
Marking the 11th Global Women's Strike!

MOTHERS, this march is for you who oppose war and occupation; who are
caring for Vets; who have lost children unjustly taken by LA County; who
are grandmothers, non-biological mothers and other women doing caring
work; who are denied welfare and other entitlements; who are doing the
double day; who have a disability, are students and others impacted by
State budget cuts; who want justice for victims of South LA serial
murders; who have been criminalized by poverty; whose families have been
separated as a result of immigration laws…

11AM Gather at the park on 4th St near Shatto Place, LA 90020

March down Wilshire to

Rally in MacArthur Park w/ music, food and children's activities
All women, youth, men, children welcome. A women-led march.

Parking 6th & Vermont; Metro Wilshire/Vermont & Alvarado/MacArthur Park

WE ARE MOTHERS OF DIFFERENT RACES, ages, passports, incomes, sexual
preferences and occupations. Many of us work a double and triple day of
waged work on top of our unwaged work as mothers. Those of us who are not
biological mothers do a lot of mothering too, sometimes for children and
also for friends, colleagues, family, neighbors and others in the
community. The March will make this work visible also.

MOTHERS MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND, but we get neither recognition nor
resources, only blame when things go wrong. The work that mothers
contribute to society entitles us to every support, including financial.

OUR CHILDREN COUNT! The relationship between mothers and children is not
viewed by policy makers as vital, making it easier for children to be
taken from mothers and placed with strangers. And, caring for children is
not valued as work by those who govern, but any job outside the home is.
Our children deserve loving care, we will not tolerate them being treated
as obstacles that get in the way of something more important!

caregivers who support mothers will join the march.

Planning Group thus far and growing: Alexandria House, Black Coalition
Fighting Back Serial Murders, California Partnership, DCFS Give Us Back
Our Children, Every Mother Is a Working Mother Network, Haiti Vigil,
Military Families Speak Out, Mujeres de Maiz, South Central Farmers.
Called by Women of Color in the Global Women's Strike and the GWS/LA.
Contact us to join the planning group and/or to lend your support!

For more info go to or contact us

at 323-276-9833

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