Sunday, February 14, 2010

[olympiaworkers] South Africa: Union, ABI settle strike following big online campaign]

Date: Sun, February 14, 2010

A few weeks ago I wrote to ask all of you to sign up to support
striking workers at ABI in South Africa. Many of you did so and today
I'm very pleased to report that the union and company have reached an
agreement thanks in part our international solidarity action.

The agreement includes a 7.8% across-the-board pay increase, an
increase in the education allowance, and a settlement on overtime pay.
The two parties have also agreed to discuss the use of labour brokers,
with the union reserving its right to campaign on this issue. Workers
who participated in the strike, and who were threatened with legal
action, are now protected.

The union general secretary is quoted as thanking the "many IUF
members and supporters whose solidarity and messages to ABI management
contributed to the final settlement".

Full details are here <>

Online campaigns work!

Please make sure you've signed up to both the current LabourStart
campaigns <>

And please pass this message on to your fellow union members.


Eric Lee

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