Monday, July 27, 2009

[olympiaworkers] Second day of general strike in Honduras

TEGUCIGALPA (PL).—The three principal labor unions in Honduras are
maintaining a general strike in the state sector for the second day this
Friday, supported by road blocks put in place by the popular forces
repudiating the coup d'état.

Second day of general strike in HondurasThe country remained paralyzed
yesterday for several hours due to the closing of several strategic routes
by demonstrators, workers leader Juan Barahona informed Prensa Latina.

Barahona, president of the United Workers Federation, described the first
day of the strike as a success, taking into account the road blocks and
occupation of various state institutions by workers.

The popular actions cut off the country's principal ports on both the
Atlantic and Pacific coasts, as well as highways connecting the capital
with the northern part of the country.

Meanwhile, thousands of people began to move toward the Nicaraguan border.
Constitutional President Manuel Zelaya affirmed yesterday that he is to
return to his homeland overland from Nicaragua.

Many people called Radio Globo, a radio station that is keeping its
microphones open for the people, to report that they had been victims of
repression by the army forces who attempted to halt their movement.

In addition, a new problem has presented itself to the de facto government
headed by the entrepreneur Roberto Micheletti: police discontent over
delays in paying their wages, which has provoked a strike by some agents
from a station in the capital.

Daniel Molina, an official police spokesman, tried to downplay the issue,
assuring the press that it was merely related to administrative problems.

Nevertheless, officers interviewed by TV Channel 36 – the only station
with a critical stance toward the June 28 coup – said that they will not
attend to their duties until their complaints are resolved.

The problems arising in this repressive body, which includes the special
Cobras squadron, comes in addition to the regime's international isolation
and the wave of popular condemnation that will completes its 27th day this

The leaders of the National Front against the Coup stated last night that
the popular struggle will continue until the coup leaders are defeated and
constitutional order and Zelaya are restored.

During the blocking of the northern exit of the Panamericana Highway in
the capital yesterday, the crowd was urged over loudspeakers to leave in
convoys for the border with Nicaragua to await Zelaya.

Translated by Granma International

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