Monday, June 29, 2009

[olympiaworkers] Call for Solidarity! Olympia IWW's Fight in Centralia Continues!

Please Foreword Widely!

The Olympia GMB's fight against Neil White and the Aerie Ballroom

Thanks to all of you who have supported the Olympia General
Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)so far in
our fight against The Aerie Ballroom and Neil White in Centralia, WA. This
fight and those like it show that when we get together, we can win justice
for working people everywhere!

This past Friday, June 26th we held an informational picket in Centralia
at the Hub City Grill, a restaurant that is also owned by Neil White and
is conveniently across the street from the Aerie Ballroom. About 15 people
came out to show their support for the Olympia General Membership Branch
and Brooke in our fight. We were able to spread the word about our
struggle during the Friday night dinner rush!

Our demand remains the same: REINSTATE BROOKE!

We will continue to put pressure on Neil White and the Aerie Ballroom
until our demands are met!

This week, we're asking for solidarity letters and phone calls.

THURSDAY JULY 2ND has been designated as a call in day. Please call The
Aerie Ballroom at (360)807-1212 and demand that Brooke be reinstated in
her position!

Also, please send SOLIDARITY LETTERS. Letters are welcome from
individuals, organizations and unions. A form letter is attached to this
email to make it a bit easier, or feel free to write your own.

We also have another PICKET planned.

WHEN? Wednesday July 8th, 2009. Carpool leaves at 6 PM SHARP! Picket is from
7 PM-9 PM

WHERE? The picket is in Centralia, but we'll meet at the Artesian Well in
Downtown Olympia (off 4th Ave. between Adams and Jefferson). The
rendezvous point in Centralia will be disclosed at the carpool.

Ninety years after the Centralia Conspiracy and the lynching of
Wobbly Wesley Everest, the Wobblies are back in Centralia.

A member, Brooke Stepp of the Olympia General Membership Branch of the
Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) was fired from her job on
unfair, illegal and unjust grounds. She put in the simple request to her
boss that she be paid, in accordance with Washington and federal laws, for
her time spent in training for her job. The boss denied her request and
immediately fired her.

On Sunday May 17th, 13 Wobblies and supporters delivered a letter to the
Aerie Ballroom stating our demands that Brooke receive payment for the
training she had already completed. Neil wasn't there, so we took a
picture and mailed him a copy of the letter with the picture attached.

Neil had until Friday May 22nd to respond to our demands. On that Friday
we received a letter from his lawyers claiming that Brooke was never an
employee of the Aerie Ballroom (untrue), that the training she completed
wasn't mandatory (untrue), and that they had filed a police report for the
"incident" on May 17th. However, enclosed in the letter was a check for
the training time! WE GOT HALF OUR DEMANDS MET!

For more info or for information on how to get involved email us at

Remember: an injury to one is an injury to all!

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