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[olympiaworkers] Killings of trade unionists up by 25%

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- Killings of trade unionists up by 25%

- Canada: Wood workers strike following 65 deaths on the job

- USA: After 62 years, NFFC freezes out the union

- Campaign updates: UK, Albania

- Communicating labour rights course

- "I just got elected - now what?"Killings of trade unionists up by 25%

144 trade unionists were murdered for defending workers' rights in 2006,
while more than 800 suffered beatings or torture, according to the Annual
Survey of Trade Union Rights Violations, published by the International
Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). The report details nearly 5,000 arrests
and more than 8,000 dismissals of workers due to their trade union
activities. 484 new cases of trade unionists held in detention by
governments are also documented in the report.

You can read the full report online, country by country, in English,
Spanish, French and German, [] here.

This report is required reading for all trade unionists - please spread
the word.

Canada: Wood workers strike following 65 deaths on the job

Striking forestry workers in British Columbia.

Canadian wood workers in British Columbia, members of the United
Steelworkers (USW) have been on strike since 21 July in a dispute
centering on work hours, safety and contracting out.

Over 65 forestry workers have been killed on the job since January 2005.
Hundreds more have been seriously injured. The union and its global
union federation (BWI) are asking for our help to put an end to these
unnecessary and tragic deaths. Please take a minute to learn more and
sign up to the []
online campaign.

USA: After 62 years, NFFC freezes out the union

Since 1945, workers at National Frozen Foods (NFFC) in Chehalis,
Washington have been represented by the Teamsters union. But this summer
the company terminated its contract with the Teamsters and illegally
declared bargaining at an impasse. The union filed unfair labour practice
charges against the company and together with its global union federation
(ITF) is calling for an international online campaign of protest. This is
not just a company which wants to get rid of its union -- it is also
accused of breaking child labour laws. To learn more and to send off a
message, please go [] here.

Campaign updates: UK, Albania

UK: Workers in north London care homes, employed by Fremantle Trust, are
on strike today. For the very latest news, visit
[] their website.

Albania: 1,255 of you responded to our appeal to support the BWI campaign
following the attacks on unions in this country. There's an
[] update online.

Communicating labour rights course

The International Labour Organization's International Training Center in
Turin, Italy will be holding its first ever course on the subject of
communicating labour rights. Check out the
[] course description.

"I just got elected - now what?"

This is the title of a new book we're offering as our LabourStart
[] book of the week. (The subtitle
is "a new union officer's handbook".)

According to the publisher, "This is an aggressive new guide to building a
strong and effective local union. Don't buy this book if your goal is
simply to be a local union officer like "Old Joe" was before you, doing
things the way they've always been done and skating by as things just
bump along."

Do buy it if you want strong and effective local unions -- and by buying
this book using [] this link, you
support both a unionized bookshop and you contribute to LabourStart.

Thank you - and have a great weekend.

Eric Lee

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