Wednesday, January 24, 2007

[olympiaworkers] Labor Meeting

There will be an Olympia labor strategy session Thursday February 8 at 7pm
at Media Island (816 Adams Street - near the public library).

It's open to all labor activists and organizers and the purpose of it is
to come up with a concrete plan of action for labor education, outreach,
organizing and unionizing efforts.

Spread the word.

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Anonymous said...

I feel horrible for not being physically at Camp Quixote right now. Recently I was almost forced to buy a cell phone to find a place to rent. Rent is one thing that we are coerced into in this society because every square foot of land has a price tag on it, and "public" property is off limits to people most in need of a place to sleep. How fucked up is it that they criminalize people who do not fit into their wage slave system that demands we be happy, efficient robots for most of our waking hours. And what about the people who can fit in but still find themselves unable to afford $800/mo for a 1 bedroom in the ghetto of Los Angeles or San Francisco, NYC....Or what about the people who are fired, layed off, and who could not afford to privately save money on their $7 or $10/hr job? The threat of homelessness is a big stick for the bosses and they know it. That's why they try and keep the unemployment rate around 5%...That's one reason Reagan went on the attack against welfare for the poor-to create social insecurity among us so that they can threaten us into accepting shit working conditions. All housed, wage earning people in the area should be defending this camp like it could be their social security. This is a union issue.