Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Houston Janitors go on Strike

Houston Janitors go on Strike

Tuesday, October 24 2006 @ 06:30 AM PDT
From Houston Indymedia:

The janitor's strike is on. After about a week of daily protests about 500 janitors marched downtown Monday night instead of going to work. More janitors are expected to walk out each day this week. See videos from the 10/23 walkout, hear a report, see pictures and more video.

From the Open Publishing Newswire: Bargaining for the janitors broke down last week so a strike was inevitable. This is unfortunate because no one wants to strike, but when all other options have failed, there is no other choice.

Janitors have been winning livable wages and health care now for years across the country in many major cities. Now it's Houston's time and there is no question that this is an historic fight and the best chance low wage service workers in Texas have to win a union contract.

We have learned over the years that in today's world, it takes the whole community of people of conscience standing together to win our rights and respect from these rich corporations. There are many ways you can help this weekend and in the coming weeks!

>> We are setting up a Food Bank in order to provide striking janitors at least one bag of food a week. You can help set up a collection site or bring food to the office. Once our sites are set up we will let you know where food can be donated.
>> Join us on for a picket line any day this week at 4:30 at 1100 Louisiana Ave.
>> March on Saturday, October 28th. We will be assembling in Grady Park in the Galleria area. It is on the corner of San Felipe and Yorktown, a few blocks west from the 610 exit onto San Felipe. Our permit has been denied but we are marching anyway even if it is on the sidewalks.
>> Mobilize - send information out to your families, friends, organizational allies, local listserves about the strike and the march on Saturday!
[read the full article with ways to support the janitors]

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