Monday, April 24, 2006

May Day Olympia - Primero Mayo

May Day - Primero Mayo
"Hands Off" Immigrants, Workers and Families 
Join Us Monday, May 1st 3 pm Sylvester Park
Olympia, WA

We Stand in Solidarity with the 40 Million + Immigrant Worker General

"Un Dia Sin Immigrante" (Seattle Statement)
IWW (Industiral Workers of the World)
Bread and Roses
UCAN (United Communities AIDS Network)
WROC (Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition)
TSTSCA (Thurston-Santo Thomas Sister County Association)
Schools for Chiapas
Alternatives to CAFTA in Nicaragua
Resist the Grand Jury

Fast Rattler
Citizens Band (IWW)
Rosaura Segura (TSTSCA)

-Interactive Tables-
Rec the Place - make your own buttons -
Yes Yes - Art for Social Change -
Last Word Books
...and more community organizations...

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