Sunday, March 26, 2006

Unite Union wins historic new deal for Starbucks, KFC and Pizza Hut workers

Monday 27 March

Restaurant Brands Unite members In Auckland should be proud of themselves. They have campaigned for five months and finally won a union contract.

Unite has successfully negotiated wage increases and other improvements. The new Agreement is effective from today. The main points we won for you are:

A minimum of 7.9% on wage rates for KFC and Pizza Hut store workers. 75 cents an hour on Starbuck rates. Another increase next March.

Youth rates will be phrased out. As a first step all under 18 year olds wages will increase to 90% of the adult rate.

Supervisors in charge will receive another 50 cents per hour as will team trainers as well as their 7.9%.

Supervisors under 18 years will get the full adult supervisors rate.

Tea breaks will move from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

When additional hours become available in stores existing workers will be offered these hours before new staff are employed. It will possible for existing workers to build their regular hours up to 39.5 hours a week. Reduction of store hours will be fairly applied.

(To find out exactly what your new pay rate is, go here:

On top of this deal all Restaurant Brand workers who join Unite will get a lump sum equal to 1% of their quarterly earnings every three months on top of the new deal. This reimburses your Unite union fees so means that effectively joining Unite is free. Workers who don’t join Unite don’t get this money.

Unite has proved that it gets things for you. Unite has agreed to pass the union benefits on to everyone. But we do want you to do the right thing and join Unite today. The rest of Unite members have helped financed the successful campaign to win your new increases. Now we need all Restaurant Brand workers to join Unite so we can finance a campaign to help win a deal for McDonalds and Burger King.

Thank you to all the Restaurant Brands crew who made this happen. Now we need all of you to join and help others win too.

Warmest regards,

Matt McCarten

National Director

Unite Union – Restaurant Brands Division

P.S. Don’t forget – join Unite today. All employees who join before 28 April have their union fees reimbursed by Restaurant Brands every 3 months.

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