Tuesday, January 31, 2006

WPCA Stage Hands 2nd Picket Fri. Feb. 3

Hello friends of the WCPA stagehands -

Last Saturday, we held an informational picket before the "Blues Night Out" concert at the Washington Center. It was nearly sold out and the overall response was pretty good. Some people thought they were crossing a picket line (they weren't), some had read the January 6 article in the Daily Olympian, some knew nothing about the contract, and some just ignored us. There were about 10 stagehands and five community friends walking with signs and handing out leaflets.
The house opened about 15 minutes late because the front-of-house staff were made to stuff a rebuttal flyer in the program. And management took photographs of us talking with interested people - a Wal-Mart-style intimidation tactic!

Some stagehands have approached the City Council, who is now asking management the tough questions. We feel very grateful for their concern, especially since they don't usually get involved with labor negotiations - their relationship with their own city employee unions is very positive.

We're having a second informational picket this Friday, February 3, for CenterFest - the annual black-tie gala fundraiser, featuring The Pointer Sisters. It's important we have a larger turnout this time so that management and the Board of Directors see how our support is growing. We're hoping for 20-25 people this time - can you walk with us? Please RSVP by Thursday; if you can't come Friday, there will be future events where you can lend your support.

Thanks for your time, and hope to see you on Friday!

Katy Fogg
Washington Center stagehands

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