Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Support NW Airlines Workers this Friday at Sea-Tac Airport

Who: The workers at Northwest Airlines.

When: Friday, September 9th Starting at 5am and going all throughout the day.

Where: At Sea-Tac Airport. Parking is available at the Silver Dollar
Casino along SR-99 and behind the Denny’s and La Quinta Inn along the
white outlined stalls only. (Carpools Recommended) And meet at the
NWA hanger.

What: We will be supporting the strikers by setting up support picket
lines at the security gate into the airport near the Northwest Hanger
and at the north end where the scabs are believed to be coming in.

We have organized groups and locals all across the U.S. to mobilize
on the 9th, please come out and support them! Please bring your own
signs and wear your union shirts.

Contact: Drew at (206)-878-3104
(Action Coordinator)

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