Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Community Presence starts at 12 Noon Wed 7/20

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Olympia Pizza Time Strikers,

Our struggle is not over. Olympia Pizza Time is set to reopen July 20th under new ownership. The new owners refuse to meet with the striking workers. The striking workers are asking the new owners to recognize the Olympia Workers Association to begin union negotiations. On July 14th, the Olympia Pizza Time strike will enter the 5th month and community support is needed to send a clear message to the new owners.

Pizza Time workers have been forced to make another stand for workers’ rights and decent work conditions. We will maintain a picket line in front of Pizza Time until our union is recognized. We urge the community of Olympia to stand in support of worker’s rights and buy their pizza elsewhere until Pizza Time becomes a socially responsible business.

Join the movement for better working conditions tomorrow Wed. at 12 noon on the corner of 4th Ave. and Jefferson.


Anonymous said...

Did you say opening under new management? I can understand doing these things to a pizza hut perhaps or another huge chain but to screw a small business is reprehensible. Your beef is with the old owners and you should focus on continuing to make their life difficult... not some poor sucker who just bought in to a franchise

Anonymous said...

To anonymous:

The new owner, upon learning about the labor dispute, should have acted responsibly and met with the striking workers. Our intention isn't to make anyone's life difficult as an ends in itself. We are not vengeful. Mr. Bloking is gone, and we hope for good. We simply demand that he bring the original workers, from before this whole mess started, back to work and not hire a whole new staff. That's the same kind of strike-breaking tactics owners have been trying for over a century, and it's not right.